Baking with Yogurt

For our birthdays we got a brownie mix called No Pudge Fudge Brownies and these adorable aprons, our friends know us well!!! To make it, we simply add vanilla yogurt. It was easy for them to do this entire project themselves (with the exception of the oven piece). There were tasty!

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We love these! Great for children to do as a snack, and so tasty too.
You should link this up to the snacks scavenger hunt on my blog.
:) Colleen
May I please have permission to use one of the two photos of your girls making the yogurt brownies when I do the week's wrap up for the scavenger hunt?
You will retain all rights to your photo...I will include a link that shows where the photo is from and a little blurb about your blog.
I am going to do a neat wrap up of everyone's snacks and would like to include your photo, too.
Please let me know if I have your permission, as I will not use a photo without the consent of the mommy blogger (you):)
Thanks and happy almost Friday!
Here is the link on my blog...forgot to give it to you...

Here is a link to the wrap up post:

Have a happy weekend,

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