Bouncey Ball Painting!

When I introduced this project, I got cheers like we were going to Disney or something! To make life easier for myself, I also set up a kiddie pool to wash ourselves off in, and to wash the materials when we were done. Fun to think that materials can be bouncy balls left over from birthday party goodie bags! Here's a few photos of the girls in action:

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Very lovely blog! I am your newest follower.
You are going to have a wonderful year ahead,
I can just tell:)
So happy that you have one now.
The bouncy ball project looks great.
Your girls look like they loved this project:)
We will have to try and when we do, I will link back to you.
You and your girls should join our monthly scavenger hunts. We are just wrapping up July,with the theme of snacks from the different continents. If you would wanna join in, oyu'd have til Friday, and then, you could link up your new blog!
We will start August soon, so you could link up for August...
August's theme is "shapes in nature".
Have a happy day today.

Colleen :)

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