An Open Letter to My Daughters

In honor of Daughter's Week, I write this letter to my girls:  Madeline, Iris & Sarah regarding their education with love and with the humble honor of being part of it.  xoxox, Mom.

Please know that I only wish for your perseverance, your dignity, and your caring.

Please keep this with you as you go through your varied education levels:  You are an asset to this world and the following generations.  Don't let the world's placement of you get in your way.  I simply do not care about test scores, grades, your school's rewards and punishment programs, your GPA, your graduation standing, your weight, your wins and loses in sports, your trophies, or any way your worth is measured monetarily, by numbers, by silly traffic light codes, or by status.  I don't need these measurements to know you are amazing.    I mean it.    Hold me to this please, society is sitting on me.  I love you.

Please keep this in your heart as you go through schooling:  I care very much about your interests, your weaknesses, your strengths, your triumphs, your struggles.  You'll gain lifelong lessons through all of these.  I want you to focus on kindness.  Always kindness.  In all situations- you can't lose in the end, even if at the time negativity seems appropriate.  I care about how you try.  Keep trying, keep learning, and never stop.  I'm still learning.  Keep your amazing levels of curiosity.  You are each so inquisitive, don't let schooling, measurements, or this cynical world dim your shine.  I love you.


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