Saturday, February 2, 2013

Parts of A Flower Painting!

 Our Friday night....our Amaryllis flower bloomed, so we took the opportunity to trace and paint it.  Try tracing with a crayon for an outline.  They added such beautiful backgrounds.  When our last flower bloomed,  studied the parts of a flower with 3 part cards and tracing.

Iris and Sarah are LOVING Montessori School, so we are just home adding to it and embracing the now.

What a beautiful plant to study and watch.  Bulbs are amazing, even in winter!

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New Chapter Momma said...

I'm wondering if you made your workbench? If so, did you follow plans, etc. (can I get a link to them)? I'd love to do something similar.
If not, where did you get it?


Jessie, The Education Of Ours said...

My Grandfather made it years ago (20) to hold my sister's dolls. It is a countertop, with legs essentially. It is 7' wide, 2.5' high, 2' deep.