Summer Fun!

This summer has been filled with day trips to some great places.  Today, we went to our local zoo to see the newest exhibit.  It has a large outdoor area, all for self-exploration and discovery.  Music, art, and nature were strong themes.  If you find yourself in New England, take a trip to the Roger Williams Park Zoo.  What a great way to spend a day with my little ones!

Inside the tent they built with silks!

By turning the wheels, gears spun the leaf images kaleidoscopic!

Up in a tree house, a music station!
Madeline goes on a nature scavenger hunt, all in a tree house.

Sarah builds a tower with natural materials.  We spend A LOT of time here!
Fishing with bamboo and experimenting with water flow

Madeline is working with the chalkboard, practicing some lowercase letters.  She's feeling nostalgic these days with the materials.  Her time at Montessori was very special.


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