Montessori Monday: Colors, Cursive & Magnets

This week we actually got a lot of work time in.  I forgot how nice it is to work when no one is sick!  Even with afternoons booked with appointments and errands, we spent many evenings with the materials.  

Peanut does this work every day.  She loves that binomial cube!  For a view of the lesson, check this older post-  A Look At The Binomial Cube

I brought some of my work home this week.  I needed to make new Botany Cabinet Cards, so I took the cabinet home to trace my own.  I did find another option at Montessori Print Shop, that matched our school's Neinhuis cabinet.  Bean and Pumpkin were busy making sure all the cards when back in order.

LISTEN, Mom!  It MATCHES!!!!!  She's using the Sound Cylinders, finding matches.

Mid process, work time :)

Bean working on the letter Mm in cursive!  Sandpaper, chalkboard, then paper.  She  is extremely interested in cursive writing, so she got the cursive lowercase sandpaper letters for Christmas.  She's busy using the sand tray and practicing on the chalkboard.  She really wants to get practiced with her signature (her name in cursive)!

Using the Primary Colors to create a color wheel.  

We did SO much work opperation an eye dropper this fall.  It pays off when you get to make your own color wheel!  This printable can be found at Mama Jenn, for free.  My own girls, and all of my school classroom adore this activity.  

Sorting and journals with Magnetic/Non-Magnetic.

Exploring with the magnets.  Wow, they are all stuck!!!!  We love the book, Mickey's Magnets to go along with this experiment.

Look at the tongue!  Concentration with cutting.

Bean's favorite color grading extension on the color box.

Pumpkin grades the color box.


Deb Chitwood said…
Glad to hear everyone is feeling better! I always love to see the work your girls are doing ... they're great inspiration! Thanks so much for linking up with Montessori Monday. I featured your post at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page:

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