Friday, September 30, 2011

Fall Themed Practical Life

This week, I got out all of our little fall pieces. It's nearly October in New England, and we are just now seeing a few signs of Autumn. My girls are very excited about the changing seasons, so we just updated our Practical Life- Physical Skills work with some objects from a craft store. These items were 75% off the day after Thanksgiving last year, total cost for the update was $2.05.  Today they were busy and independent for the entire work period.  Every year, everything old is new again!  I also used these items to create our Fall Sets Basket for counting, sorting, and numeration.

Apple Transfer using srtawberry huller

Spooning Pumpkin Transfer (there's exactly 10, as a hidden preparation for decimal system work)

Fall Leaves Pouring Work, Handled Pitchers.  One clear, one opaque for a challenge.

Painted (by me) Acorn Scooping.  I found these wonderful bowls in China Town, NY.  I love Montessori Souvenirs!

Right off the bus, she hits the Practical Life shelf.  Her sisters yelled, "Mom put new work out!" at the bus stop.  And off we went!!!


Jessie ( said...

Looks amazing :) I need to start preparing fall in my room also!

Katie Hurley, LCSW said...

I really wish I could just send my kids to you :) Looks amazing.

Deb Chitwood said...

I love your autumn themed activities! I featured your spooning pumpkin transfer photo and post (love the hidden preparation for the decimal system!)in my Montessori-Inspired Pumpkin Unit at