Toddler Scissor Lesson

This little one is always surprising me.  I originally gathered materials for Montessori at home for our oldest, but the value of this method is trickling down to our tots.  (I chuckle while posting this, as I see the 4 year old holding scissors towards her body)

I modeled cutting (away from the body, holding the paper at the opposite side, elbow by my side) and we had a lesson on carrying scissors.  The children may not use scissors while standing.

I sang this song, to the tune of "Open, Shut Them"

Open, shut them
Open, shut them
Give a little snip snip snip
Open, shut them
Open, shut them
Cut the paper, snip snip snip


Eshet Chayil said…
Hi Jessie,
I confirmed you on networked blogs and am also "following you". I'm curious to read more about your adventures in homeschooling.

I'm still trying to find my "blogging wings". You can find me at:
Hands of Grace

Megan said…
I couldn't find an e-mail link for you- This is Megan from Littlest Birds Studio. Thanks for your comment, I'd love to chat sometime! It seems like you're doing great things :)

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