September In Review

We have been doing Montessori work in our home 2-3 days a week this September. It was an adjustment for Bean and I the most, as she is used to Montessori School and I was accustomed to working with 20 children, not just 3 - two of which being tots! Bean is at a public preschool, and gets her Montessori from her Mom. We are finding the niche in planning the time, minimum of twice a week in the Montessori room. Other times, someone will say, "I want to work" and away we go!!!! I imagine we will have more lessons and more time working when the weather is cold, as I'm not one to take the child away from the fabulous New England Autumn outside!!

For October I hope to:
  • own more authentic sensorial
  • make a sound basket
  • make a fabric box
  • create an alphabet drawer set
  • get the children to work more independently
Here's to high hopes for October!!!!


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