Fun With Knobless Cylinders

Today we were outside a lot!  We did take a little break from the hot sun for some sensorial.  They worked together until bedtime, on just this one material-  the 4 knobless cylinder boxes.  Bean spent her time setting up her addition strip board in anticipation for a morning lesson!

Peanut builds with red

Pumpkin sees an error in her tower, and fixes it right away.

Peanut makes a 'design'

Concentration at age 3 :)

Cylinder Flower


Anonymous said…
Aren't the knobless cylinders such a lovely piece of work. So many surfaces and heights to compare...what fun!

Jessie, I love the new look of your blog. Nice and fresh!
Allie said…
Love the multitude of activities with such simple manipulatives.
Lori said…
The knobless cylinders are a favorite in our house! There's so many things they can do with them so the fun is essentially endless. Your girls are so cute!
Mommy Moment said…
This is a popular choice of work in our home too.
I love the flower!


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