Changing Gears with Grace


There has never been more of a Follow The Child Moment for me as a mom than with remote learning.  Two of my daughters were miserable with the remote learning with Connections Academy because they craved socialization with other students and the work felt empty.  My high schooler is happy with Connections Academy, because she's been able to keep her social connections through COVID and adores independent working.  The live lessons at CA weren't like zoom calls, where you can see other kids and work cooperatively.  

Every last day, they'd ask me to homeschool them.  The road block to that is that I need to work to maintain healthy finances and to continue my dream.  As luck would have it, while researching a Montessori Middle School that was virtual, I stumbled upon Higher Ground Education.  While going through the admissions process for Academy of Thought and Industry, I discovered Guidepost Montessori Virtual School.  

Due to an injury and COVID-19, I felt that being in a classroom would not be a safe move for me or my family.  In a week's time, I found the perfect fit for the middle schoolers at ATI (Academy of Thought and Industry) and accepted a position at Guidepost Montessori Virtual School.  

Now, we are ALL happy at home.  This year has been a curve ball, we had to swerve to catch this one.  We couldn't be more lucky.

Guidepost Virtual School

Academy of Thought & Industry Virtual

Woke Homeschooling


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