Waste Free Lunches

Many schools are opting for a greener, healthier lunch experience.  Is your child's school asking for Waste-Free or Trash-less Lunches?

Why Waste-Free?
Waste-Free Lunch for Preschool
The average American discards 7.5 pounds of trash each day.  To reduce this number in your community, you can help reduce the waste at school.

A waste-free lunch is likely to be a healthier lunch, containing fewer prepackaged or processed foods. 

When unpacking after school, parents can see for themselves what their child consumed or didn't consume during lunchtime.  It is helpful in knowing what they prefer in their lunchboxes!

 It’s fun and cool!

What is a Waste-Free Lunch Like?
Waste-Free Lunch for a 1st grader:  Yogurt/Berry/Kale smoothie, bagel with egg salad, babybel cheese, cocoa crackers, yogurt raisins, blueberries, and sliced carrots in a reusable bag.  Ice water to drink. 

 A Waste-Free lunch is packed in reusable lunchboxes and using reusable containers.  Nothing within the lunch needs to be thrown away at school.

Ideas for inside:  Reusable Water Bottle or drink container, two cloth napkins (one for a place mat and the other for face and hands), a reusable container with sections such as a bento box, gladware, Tupperware, or reusable lunch bags.  Note:  having more than one container will make it pack-able for the next day even if it isn't yet washed and dried.

II have collected MANY pins about fun and healthy lunch ideas for my three daughters.  Let's face it- there's a lot to do in the morning to get 5 people out of the house on time-  I pack most things the night before.

Helpful hints:

There is no refrigeration or heating of meals for most students at school.  Please use ice packs when necessary.  Thermoses hold heat nicely for hot soup and leftovers. 

If/When your child’s lunchbox gets stinky or a spill happens, a hot water rinse and a wipe down with baking soda eliminates odor. 

If a messy item is packed, or you suspect there will be waste, please provide a bag for your child to collect these items to bring home in the lunchbox. 

Practice before school starts!  Plan beach trips, day trips, play dates, and picnics with Waste-Free Lunches.  It's fun to test out before the real first day of school.  Happy September, folks!!!!


Kara said…
Wow! Great ideas! What did you pack the smoothie in! The red tubelike thing in the lunch box?
I pack these, and freeze the tubes so that they are perfect by lunch. Helps keep lunch cool, too!


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