The Brown Stair, with Lesson

Pumpkin is ordering the Brown Stairs.
Pumpkin, now 3.5 has been working with the Brown Stair since she was just two years old.  Here you can see her building it vertically.  She was also pretending to put mortar in between each prism (there's construction on our street) which is fine by me.  The fast she's using her imagination shows me that she has mastered this concept.  

She caught me taking this photo...."What Mom?...It IS called the Brown Stairs.  I was just checking with my feet!"  Fair enough.

The Brown Stair Lesson-

Specific- Visual Discrimination , Size awareness

*  See the photos :) 

Direct-  Refinement of the ability to observe, compare, discriminate, differentiate, reason, decide, solve problems and appreciate our world.
Indirect- Learning to grade prisms by discrimination of volume

Preparation:  Pink tower, knobbed cylinders

Age- First year Montessori student

Presentation of Lesson:
*  Carry one prism at a time
*  Place them to the right side
*  Hold prisms adjacent to floor with two hands
*  Isolate the extremes to the left of the mat “This is the largest”  “This is the smallest”
*  Start with the largest prism, continue grading prisms- setting them largest to smallest in a stair form
*  Appreciate
*  Return to shelf one prism at a time, starting with the largest

Work of the Teacher
Points of Emphasis:
*  Carry with two hands adjacent to floor
*  Scanning for next prism

*  Non verbal 1st
*  Prism
*  Large, small

Points of Interest:
*  Heaviness of prism
*  Chance to build

Work of the Child
Points of Consciousness:
*  Largest goes 1st
*  They make a stair

Control of Error:
*  Child’s eye
*  Smallest prism
*  If it’s not built right, it won’t look like a stair

*  Build Vertically
*  Build end to end

*  Combine with other discrimination of size materials, ESPECIALLY the Pink Tower-- hours of fun.


J-jo and Bear walk up and down our brown stair too.
So many skills covered in one lesson, great activity! I found you thru the weekly kids co-op. Thanks for sharing.

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