Cards and Counters for Odd/Even

She loved it!! The idea that if a number did not have a partner, the number is odd stuck with her. I saved the old circles from an old game I almost threw out! She continued to an extension from Montessori For Everyone, linked here.
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So simple, yet so effective! Lovely!
Deb Chitwood said…
Thanks for sharing this! I don’t think most people realize just how simple it is to make and use Montessori cards and counters. I love your blog and gave you an award at
Joyful Learner said…
Our daughter grasped the concept of even and odd from this activity as well. And she hasn't forgotten it since! We owe a lot to Maria Montessori!
brenna said…
What a great activity. My son loves his math work at school, but I don't do as much Montessori work at home. This might be fin to try!
Foose&button said…
I like the idea, I did something similar but I used legos, I think this week I'll try yours. Thank you, I like how many activities you have for teaching math, I am a math teacher but for big kids so I am in need of ideas.
Thanks Bea. My daughter actually posted this on No Time For Flash Card while playing with my phone. I had no idea she was so techy.

Now I'll link the right lesson :)
Sally Haughey said…
Yup! Another idea I am taking to the classroom! Thank you so much for sharing it. I also have a box full of counters I can use! Love your blog!

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