Rainbow After Sandy

 Our six year old sat next to me while we watched the weather predictions for Hurricane Sandy, and immediately started thinking about how to send some cheer.  She did the math, those children would miss Halloween. 

Madeline loves rainbows, and knows that sometimes after wet weather there will be a colorful treat.  She decided to write letters to a few friends who have damaged homes and are staying elsewhere.  I cried in pride when I read what she wrote, "After a storm there will be the best rainbows!"She sorted all of our halloween candy and chose all the skittles (edible, sendable rainbows) to mail, along with some rainbow-themed art her and her sisters have done. 

What pulls at my heart is that this was ENTIRELY her idea.  All we want is to raise kind, loving children and we are beaming. 

Peace to you all!
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Stephanie said…
This is just so beautiful! Your daughter has an amazing and beautiful heart! What a super special gift!

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