March Practical Life Work

Although I got no photos of my little rascals at work, I managed to snap some pictures of the trays after bedtime.  Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!!

Wooden Rainbow Scooping
Green Sparkly Pom Transfer
Pom Tweezing
Rainbow Bead Stringing (made by me!)  I soaked the wooden
beads in liquid watercolor, and covered them
with beeswax.  Be sure the string is the same length as
the child's wingspan.


Eryn said…
These are so cute and colorful! Love them!
kewkew said…
These are great. Thanks for sharing. I hope it is okay that I pinned these.
Deb Chitwood said…
I love these ... so simple yet inviting and great for a number of skills! I featured your post at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page:
The Monko said…
What beautiful tools for your kids to learn with.
Deb Chitwood said…
I had fun revisiting your rainbow activities, Jessie! I featured your rainbow bead stringing photo and your rainbow posts in my Montessori-Inspired Rainbow Activities at

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